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About Tamrah Store

 Our team: 

Our team consists of matter experts that have experiences in dates sourcing, storage, packaging, distribution and exporting for more than 30 years. 

Despite how easy it is to get decent quality dates anywhere, our team was not happy with the level of quality and taste for dates commonly found in supermarkets across the globe. Our aim is make it easier to get quality dates anywhere in the world. Throughout our experience, we were successful in getting high quality Saudi dates in different Asian, European and western countries. 


We work with top producers and packaging facilities in KSA for different dates types. All facilities we work with adhere to the highest hygiene standards. We have extensive experience in fulfilling different standards and import requirements for various countries. All our partners are certified for ISO9001, and ISO22000 in addition to other standards. 

Our Products

 we supply all popular products in the region. Please drop us an email for our products and prices. 


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You can contact us at: 


6428 ِAbdulkadir Aljazairy st., King Fahad District. 
Riyadh 12271
Saudi Arabia